Much like painting, winemaking is complex, challenging and deeply personal.  In the same way that each painting is unique in that it captures that one scene at one defining moment, so does winemaking seek to capture the memorable yield each harvest season. 

While I shift from canvas to vineyard, the end creation is no less moving; no less personal.  And so, I sign every bottle of my wine.  It’s my promise that this wine reflects my artistic need to create something worthy of you.

My aim is to tell a story; a story about my soul, art, dream and hard work.  That is my goal with Wine by Kasia.  Handcrafted wines; deeply personal.


Winemaking is a constant learning process; no vintage is the same.  I embrace the challenge each vintage brings (with the exception of the ever-increasing number of grey hairs on my head)!

With my first release, "Open Highway", I've embraced the feeling of possibility, adventure and promise that are synonymous with the spirit of the open road.  The name was conceived from a line in one of my favorite songs "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi, which expresses my desire to live in the present, chase my dreams and do things my own way. It only seemed natural that my flagship wine's name should reflect the realization of making a major life change to follow my dream of winemaking.  "Open Highway" showcases my minimalist approach to winemaking - I wanted to let the wine be what it is without altering its natural beauty.  The end result is 100% Syrah, 100% Delicious!


The Red Mountain AVA (American Viticultural Area) is located between Benton City and Richland in the eastern part of Washington State.

It is the smallest wine grape region with only 4,040 acres but has the most unique terroir in the state thanks to the warmer temperatures and more sunlight hours than any other part of the Columbia Valley AVA.   

The vineyards in this appellation are highly prized for creating wine with superb concentration and depth and produce grapes for some of the most sought after wines in Washington State.


Like so many winemakers, the path to my craft emerged as life unfolded.  A Polish national, I came to America in July 1997.  Professional work followed working as a realtor, for an interior design company and finally in the legal field for over 12 years.

It was during that time, when the wine bug bit....  Growing up in Poland, I always enjoyed wines, though good wine is hard to come by in a culture that celebrates - make that reveres - vodka and beer!

Experiencing the many great wines of Washington sparked my interest and I spent several years working and learning in a number of top local wineries, which eventually led me to make my own statement of the vineyard. 

Washington boasts many great wineries so I knew from the start that my wines would have to be refined and superbly crafted to meet or exceed the high level of wineries around me.

My goal is to create singular wines that blend my love of creating with the art of making unforgettable wines.

As a woman winemaker, I am always looking for ways to support other women in business.  I give a percentage of all Latest Things by Kasia merchandise sales to local organizations and charities that benefit women and children globally and in my own backyard. 

Albert Einstein put it perfectly…… "The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.  The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before…"

My winemaking journey is just beginning and I can't wait to see where it leads!